Backflow Incidents

Have you ever wondered why backflow devices have been mandated?  Why they need to be tested annually, sometimes sooner?  Why the laws surrounding backflow prevention are so strict?  Why the process to get certified is not easy?  Below are historical incidents that have occurred that have led to the safety that we now enforce to keep our water supply clean.  Thankfully we have agencies that govern the process to protect us and our families to maintain a safe water system.

If you have any knowledge of a backflow incident, please contact your local water purveyor as soon as possible.

2016 - Thousands Told to Boil Drinking Water - Ft. Worth, TX   

2015 - Water System Blamed in Legionnaire's Outbreak - St. Louis, MO   

2015 - Drinking Water Fountain Found Connected to Recycled System - Cranbourne, Australia   

2015 - Pink Water Causes Hardship for Palmetto - Village of Palmetto, LA   

2015 - Contractor Error Cause of Contamination, Pays City for Backflow Action - Lockport, NY   

2015 - Sprinkler System Suspected of E-Coli Contamination - Corpus Christi, TX

2012 - Backflow Incident at a Swimming Pool - Liddieville, LA

2012 - Backflow Contamination in City Drinking Water - Boca Raton, CA 

2012 - Family Wins Lawsuit Over Drinking Water Connected to a Sewer Line - Commerce City, CO

2010 - Water Fountain Contamination at Elementary School - Queens, NY

2010 - Boil Water Order Issued in 30 Massachusetts - Boston, MA

2010 - Poor Water Quality at Meat Processing Plant2010 - Poor Water Quality at Meat Processing Plant

2010 - Sewage Pump Hooked up to Municipal Drinking Water System - Mactier, Ontario

2010 - Well Contaminates Water District Systems with E-Coli - Motueka, Australia

2010 - Plumber Quits After Tainting Water - St. Paul, MN

2010 - Glycol Contaminates School Water - Bowling Green, KY

2010 - Problems with Valve Shuts off Drinking Water at High School - Baltavia, IL

2010 - Governor Declares Emergency Over Water Contamination - Barstow, CA

2010 - E-Coli Bacteria Found in Water Supply - Winslow Township, NJ

2009 - Water Contaminated at High School - Floyd County, VA

2009 - Water Contaminated with E-Coli - Cook City Water District, MT

2009 - Soda Machine Blamed in Illness at Restaurant - Lenexa, KS

2008 - Fire Foam Contaminates Water Supply - Pittsburgh, PA

2008 - Bacteria Found in Stafford Water - West Linn, OR