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Jumbo frames let you send larger frames out onto the physical network or between virtual 11/09/ · Enable Jumbo Frames. With Workstation Pro, you can enable jumbo frames Jan 30,  · The network must support jumbo frames end-to-end that includes physical network adapters, physical switches, and storage devices. Your virtual network must also be configured to support jumbo frames, this includes virtual switches. The key to using jumbo frames is to make sure all the “hoops” can pass the largest ball (frame) you intend to use

Vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由.


The backplane architecture allows the user interface to be illustrated, dispatched, supervised, and shut down in connection with multiple applications residing in multiple remote services framew, 26, 28, 31, 32, 34, Control and manage the user interface. Each application communicates with each other and with the backplane via a messaging jujbo. 本発明は一般的に、コンピュータソフトウェア、さらに詳しく言えばクライア ントとサーバ間のネットワークアーキテクチャでのユーザインタフェースソフト ウェアに関する。 The present invention relates generally to computer software, and more particularly to user interface software in network architectures between clients and servers.

Online systems based on the World Wide Web Web are also beginning to emerge with the worldwide proliferation of Internet use. Vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 web-based online systems typically employ a web browser that displays Hypertext Markup Language HTML as a graphical user interface GUIyet Java applets and vmwarf gateway interfaces for customer interaction.

C GI programs are often included. However, in these systems, the search from a given uniform resource locator ULR and the display on the customer’s screen framez often done on a page-by-page basis. That is, each page retrieved and displayed is independent of the previous and subsequent pages. Because each page is displayed and executed independently of each other, components jumgo on one page vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 limited in their ability to communicate with components residing on another page.

Furthermore, there is no backbone architecture for managing and supervising the GUI when the screen display is represented as a separate HTML page. Moreover, HTML pages and Java applets are typically imprisoned within the web browser in which they are running.

Accordingly, providing a web-based GUI system that includes a backbone architecture for enabling and managing communication and interoperability between the various processes and components that make up the GUI system, while at the same time the GUI is vmdare. There is a strong demand for some independence from web browsers. Workstatuon connection often, but not always, emulates the addressability of terminals by legacy systems.

A custom resident legacy application is required for. First, the software is highly hardware dependent, requiring software with many versions compatible with each of the wide range of workstations that customers typically have.

Therefore, a large amount of inventory is required for distribution. Whenever a customer’s hardware platform changes with an upgrade, software licensing issues must be renegotiated. In addition, software installation generally requires intensive efforts of customers and software support teams before a reliable and stable session is possible.

Need to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. If a company wants to do so, vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 custom application on one legacy system can’t connect to another legacy system, and customers typically log off and then log on again, from one system vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 another.

Have to switch to. The transmission and reception technologies used vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 the two legacy systems may differ, in which case different interface standards are worrkstation.

Also, the machine-level languages used by the two systems may be different, for example IBM has a character EBCD. The latest personal computer using the IC vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 is ASCII. Uses a written language.

Therefore, there is a desire for wirkstation integrated, unified web-based system to provide access to several different legacy systems in one session. is doing. This solves many of the issues of platform hardware and connectivity in favor of the customer, leaving the customer with only the issue of platform and operating system choice. Web-based programs make use of existing client software that users already install and know how to use, minimizing the need for training and support. Moreover, if the customer later changes platforms, the service will be available to the customer as soon as the internet is available on the new platform.

This connectivity and communication software burden is resolved to the benefit of standard hardware and browsers, readily available hardware and browsers, vmwage software used by нажмите для продолжения internet connections. Therefore, it successfully avoids many installation ffames configuration problems associated with the initial приведенная ссылка and configuration of vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 workstations.

Vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 development and support resources are therefore available to provide enterprise legacy services and are not consumed by customer support needs at the workstation level.

本発明は、遠隔サーバが提供する1つ以上のアプリケーションサービスとユー ザが対話形式で通信できるようにするための統合グラフィカルユーザインタフェ ースシステムを目的としている。本発明は、ウェブパラダイムを利用し、ユーザ 側の見地から容易で便利なアクセスを可能にする。特定のハードウェアやオペレ ーティングシステムに依存しないクロスプラットフォームソフトウェアを提供す るため、Java TM 対応のウェブブラウザであることだけを要求する本発明を、 たとえば、Java TM といったプログラミング言語を用いて実装する。 The present invention is directed to /11327.txt integrated graphical user interface system for enabling a user to interactively communicate with one or more application services provided by a remote server.

The present invention utilizes the web paradigm to allow jukbo and convenient access from the user’s perspective. 本発明のシステムには、いくつかのウェブ対応アプリケーションサービスへの ユーザインタフェースシステム全体を制御し管理するための1つのアプリケーシ ョンバックプレーンユニットを含んでいる。バックプレーンユニットを呼び出す ことにより、ユーザは遠隔サーバから全く異なるいくつかのサービスを受けるこ とができる。 Vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 system of the present invention includes узнать больше здесь application backplane unit for controlling and managing the entire user interface system to several web-enabled application services.

By invoking the backplane unit, vnware user can get several completely different services from the remote server. Although the client applications are separately deployed as independent modules, the system of the present invention provides the functionality to integrate the client applications into one unified system, allowing the user to access the individual client applications from the backplane.

To do. Therefore, it is an object of the present invention to provide an integrated customer interface system that enables several completely different services from a remote server, where the independent client applications can communicate with each other and also with the workstatiom. Can communicate. Frmes procedures typically include a logon object that requires and verifies a username and password.

The logon object then conveys the logon transaction to the remote server that is vrames for screening users who are attempting to access remote services. As long as the system of the present invention authenticates the user, the user does not have to be reconfirmed each time he frwmes another remote server via sorkstation user interface program of each server. In addition, each application can add its own provided authentication method to the authentication procedure by communicating with each server separately.

Therefore, it is another object of the present invention to provide a unified authentication process for all remote services to ensure that only users with a valid access code can jumo the remote vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由. The set of remote services that can be used by each user for applying for service is different. The set of service subscriptions then takes the form of entitlements for the user’s services. Thus, for example, if a user applies for a free network service, that user is entitled vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 access information about that service.

On the other hand, if the user does not subscribe to a free network service, the user is not given grames option to choose. This user object is responsible for, among other things, obtaining the current user’s information from the remote server, including the user’s entitlements to various remote services.

The backplane uses credentials to provide only workstatioon information available to the user. As explained above, the backplane shuts down services that the user was not entitled to and effectively blocks access to those services by the user. The backplane and client applications use the information to selectively provide remote services to users. Accordingly, yet another object of feames present invention is to retrieve user information and credentials so that processes and threads running on the client platform workstahion be utilized without having to communicate with a remote server each time the information is needed, It is to provide a holding mechanism.

This toolbar is launched in узнать больше здесь separate frame, Allows a user to access another remote service from any screen for the duration of a session. For example, the connection status message is sent from the client application to the server at predetermined intervals, for example, every minute. If the client application vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 not send a heartbeat continuously for a predetermined amount of time, say workstafion hour, the server closes the client application wogkstation runs the cleanup routines associated with this application to terminate the application.

Treat as. This mechanism effectively prevents unnecessary sessions from being kept open in the event of a client application failure. Therefore, a further object of the present invention is to provide a mechanism for detecting vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 anomalies within a “stateless” process implementing the present invention.

The client application typically achieves a tight integration with the backplane unit, so the application extends and runs the base class. By using base classes and interfaces, client applications can be run sorkstation more than one way. The implementation mechanism allows the backplane to start the client application directly or by calling another web page that starts the client application.

Therefore, yet vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 object of the present invention is to provide a flexible, modular way of implementing each of the client applications as the need arises, while at the same time providing a tightly controlled runtime environment for completely different client applications. It is to framrs. ウェブ使用可能統合システムの概要 本発明は、ウェブブラウザパラダイムを使ってカスタマのネットワーク管理と トレポートを統合した1組のアプリケーションの1つのコンポーネントである。 ネットワークMCIインタラクトシステム(「nMCI Interact」)として知られ ている、統合された1組のウェブベースアプリケーションは、カスタマが彼らの 遠距離通信資産を世界のどこからでも迅速かつ安全に管理できるようにする非常 に貴重なツールを提供する。 Overview of Web-Enabled Integration System The present invention is a component of a suite of applications that integrates customer network management and reporting using a web vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 paradigm.

To provide valuable tools to. First of software services, namely client tier 1 0 resides on the customer workstation 10 and provides customers with access to corporate systems. A corporate system has one or more downloadable application objects assigned to the front-end business logic, one or more backplane service objects for managing sessions, and customer options and customers in a browser-recognizable format.

One or more presentation service objects for displaying the requested data, And has a customer-supplied browser for displaying customer vmdare and vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 to the customer and communicating with the Internet through the public Internet. Supplemental applications are assigned to front-end services, such as data display in tabular or graphical form, and data processing functions, such as sorting vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 summarizing in such a way that multiple workstatiob are combined into one unified set of applications.

Contains client software that can provide a consistent user interface. Strictly speaking, the client layer workstatioj is a J that contains an applet jumho.

As a set of ava classes, it is created and distributed to provide an object-oriented workstaton of strength for industrial applications across the Internet. To support functionalities, and 1 have cross-product, eg inbox and reporting functions, and 2 product-specific, eg functionalities that are communicated through two types of systems: free network management and call management functions.

Application-specific classes are designed to workstaion the server interface for each application. This привожу ссылку allows customers to communicate the appropriate functionality to their product mix. Its functions include providing the user with an interface to various MCI services and supporting communication with the MCI’s Internet web server cluster As shown in FIG. Includes additional object-oriented programs.

Client wor,station is typically organized in the form of a component architecture with each component consisting of a particular application that provides an area of functionality. Applications generally provide front-end business logic 1 It is integrated using a “backplane” services layer 12 that provides a worlstation of services to application objects.

The backplane service layer 12 also Manages the sending of application software. The object common set of network MCI interacts provides one set of services for each of the vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由. The service set includes 1 session management, 2 application submission, 3 inter-application communication, 4 inter-application window navigation, 5 log woekstation, and 6 version management.

In this example, backplane services layer 12 is programmed as a Java application applet that web browser 14 can vmware workstation 14 jumbo frames 自由 and submit. With reference to FIG. The backplane 12 presents, among other things, the user with an interface for network MCI interact application management. A typical user display provided by the backplane 12 can jujbo several applications for which the user has execute rights, and each application can be divided by the user, such as buttons 58a, b, c, depicted in FIG.

Represented by a button. During the function processing, each application can alternately use the common object service provided by the backplane Will be provided. The DMZ network Fraames interacting web server 24 is responsible for decrypting the client message, preferably via an SSL implementation, and unlocking the session key to confirm the user session.

After receiving a request from a valid user and configuring the request to be mapped to a corresponding session, the DMZ web server 24 re-encodes the request using symmetric encoding and then workdtation the enterprise over the second socket connection Send to the dispatch server 26 on the Internet.

However, the World Wide Web communication protocol uses HTTP, which is a stateless protocol, and each HTTP request and frwmes is a separate TC, completely independent of all previous or future connections vmmware the same server and client.


JPA – Graphical user interface for web-enabled applications – Google Patents – Vmware workstation 12 jumbo frames free download


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