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Voluson 730 expert manual pdf free download. Voluson 730 Expert Instruction Manual – English – UM – 105928 – 001

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Probes are rated IPX7, up to 2 cm from patient contact side.


Service Manual To Voluson – Service Technicians Forum.GE VOLUSON PRO SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

Thus in addition, the patient database and images can be shared between different systems within the same network. Attach the monitor cables to the cables frame.


Voluson 730 expert manual pdf free download


Also See for Voluson Pro Service manual – pages. Table Of Перейти на источник. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Cree Page.

In performing all electrical work on these products, GE will use its own specially trained field engineers. Page 11 The contents of this publication may not be copied or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without prior written permission of GE Healthcare. GE Healthcare – Kretztechnik may revise this voluson 730 expert manual pdf free download from time to time without written notice.

The icons, labels and conventions used on the ссылка and in the service information are described in this chapter. In addition to text, several different graphical icons symbols may be used to pdd you aware of specific types of hazards that could cause harm. The system is equipped with a three-conductor AC power cable. This must be plugged into an approved electrical outlet with safety ground. Caution Label 2. CE-Label 3. UL-Label 4. Quality Control Volkson This dedicated power shall originate at the last distribution panel before the system.

The dedicated line shall consist of one phase, a neutral not shared with any other circuitand a full size Ground wire from the distribution panel to the Ultrasound outlet. In the event that the unit arrives without a power plug, or with the wrong plug, contact your GE dealer.

When necessary, the installation engineer will supply the appropriate power plug to meet the applicable local regulations. Page Emi Limitations RF gaskets touch metal. The interconnect cables are grounded and require ferrite beads and other shielding. Use Voluson 730 expert manual pdf free download specified Cable length, material, and routing are all important; do voluson 730 expert manual pdf free download make any changes that do not meet harnesses and peripherals.

Page Facility Needs and the experrt electrical installations are highly sophisticated and special engineering competence is required. All electrical work on these products must comply with the requirements of applicable electrical codes. The purchaser of GE equipment must only utilize qualified personnel to perform electrical servicing on the equipment. The dedicated line shall consist of one phase, a neutral not shared with any other circuitссылка на продолжение a full size ground wire from the distribution panel to нажмите для продолжения Ultrasound outlet.

Included are procedures to receive, unpack vooluson configure the equipment. Remove probes and accessories from the wooden box. The contact address is shown in Contact Information on page Section – Preparing for Set Up Carefully remove plastic caps using a knife and loosen screws and washers see: Downlod Table Connection Procedures See Instruction Manual of the printer! The appearing dialogs could distract you from the scan! Use only the power cords, cables and plugs provided by or designated by GE Healthcare – Kretztechnik to connect the unit to the power source.

Inspect the probe and probe socket to verify that it is free of debris. Page Printer Installation A warning message appears: Please read this message voluson 730 expert manual pdf free download and click YES if you have skills to do this. /4241.txt the corresponding Printer Port e. Figure Select Printer Port Assign a name, decide if the printer should be used as default printer and confirm with NEXT. Select the page. Gamma Select: Gamma Page Paperwork Check that the correct Voluson 730 expert manual pdf free download Manual s for the system and software revision, is included with the installation.

Specific language versions of the User Manual may also be available. Check with your GE Sales Representative for availability. Chapter 3 – Setup Instructions Ultrasound scanning gel holder 2. Sonoview Image Management key 3. VCR Remote Control key 4. TGC – Slider Controls User Program: shows all setting for the active application. The active one is highlighted 2. Additional functions which are supported by the selected Mode. Logo Image Area 2.

Select the corresponding item from the menu area. An active cursor displays. Place the probe’s carrying case on a stable surface and open the case. Carefully frre the probe and unwrap the probe cable. The Sonoview screen appears on the monitor; see: Figure on page The menu area changes to the Utilities menu.

The DC Power is self-regulated. If a voltage is outside the specified range, it means that something is wrong, either with жмите сюда power supply itself or with a component connected to that specific power outlet.

It has provisions for analog input sources like ECG voluson 730 expert manual pdf free download Phono. It is a general purpose, mobile, software controlled diagnostic ultrasound scanner. It is used for location and measurement of anatomical structures and for spatial orientation during operation of other modes. The 2D cross-section may be presented as a rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, sector, or a full circle, fres on the particular transducer used. CRS Not used 2.

CPR Not used 3. CKV – Video section MID-Processor: 1. This button is also used to select the function in the Main Menu elite 2016 free to save the setting in the Sub Menu. Page Источник статьи Platform Introduction The Service Platform will /30200.txt service productivity and reduce training and service costs.

The following message box will be displayed. Figure Maintenance Report 2. Fill in the requested information and click OK. The following message appears on the screen. Figure Monitor Test – Instructions 2. Read the displayed instructions. Page Printer “Printer Installation manually” on page Not for use in the field.

If you are not satisfied with the factory settings, use these controls to program those you prefer in each resolution. Voluson 730 expert manual pdf free download of the monitor within a magnetic field may adversely effect color purity. Degaussing can be читать полностью to correct the problem. If these controls are set incorrectly, the Gain, TGC, Dynamic Range and even Acoustic Output may have to be changed more often than necessary to compensate. When rotating the control console grasp it only the front grip.

Remove the outer fixing ring by нажмите сюда it counterclockwise. Pause key on the right upper corner Is there any 7330 devices that affect the Scanner? Keep the Scanner away from microsoft access 2019 certification free download electrical devices. Does the trackball move at all? Remove the ball from the /58521.txt unit, and clean it.

Is the VCR properly connected? Is the printer s properly connected? Ссылка that all signal, and power supply cable connections between Printer and Scanner are OK. Is printing unavailable vkluson by manual operation?

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