DSRSD Backflow Testing Info



The DSRSD mandates yearly testing of backflow prevention devices on water service lines for domestic use, irrigation, and fire sprinklers. Backflow devices on fire service lines must also have regularly inspected meters to ensure they function correctly. For more details, refer to the Backflow/Cross Connection Requirements.


The DSRSD offers customers an approved list of backflow testers. These testers must electronically submit their tests and can access the database through the DSRSD Tokay Test Entry Website. To be on the approved testers list, they need to submit their application, backflow tester wall certificate, wallet card, and test kit calibration certificates by February 15 annually. If not previously attended, they should participate in a Tokay training session. For training inquiries, contact Florence Khaw at khaw@dsrsd.com or 925-875-2238. Testers must annually calibrate their test gauge equipment and provide proof with their application. Approval requires certification by AWWA, NCBPA, or a District-approved similar certification program


The DSRSD Backflow Testing informs customers when their backflow prevention devices need testing. The notice provides test report due dates and a list of backflow assemblies with serial numbers and locations. A blank DSRSD test report form can be downloaded for new installations. For existing assemblies, testers must use the Tokay test entry website to submit tests.

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Dublin Backflow Testing
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DSRSD Backflow Testing Info
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