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    Image showing the Wilkins 975XL2, a backflow preventer valve used in plumbing systems. It consists of a cylindrical body with inlet and outlet pipes. The device is designed to prevent the backflow of water, ensuring the safety and purity of the water supply.
    The Wilkins 975XL2 stops dirty water from going back into pipes. It's strong and keeps water clean. It has a round body with pipes. Inside are valves and seals. It only lets water go one way. It's good for homes, businesses, and cities.
    Image displaying the parts breakdown of the Wilkins 975XL2 backflow preventer. Various components such as valves, seals, pipes, and fittings are visible, providing an in-depth view of the device's internal structure and functionality.
    Discover the inner workings of the Wilkins 975XL2 with this detailed parts breakdown. Explore the various components, including valves, seals, pipes, and fittings, that contribute to its effective backflow prevention in plumbing systems.