Pleasanton Backflow Testing Information


Pleasanton backflow testing information is crucial for water safety. According to California’s Health and Human Services Agency, the Cross-Connection Control Program, mandated by the California Code of Regulations (CCR) in Title 17, Section 7584, requires public water systems to install backflow prevention assemblies where water hazards are identified. The Backflow Administration Program in Pleasanton guarantees yearly testing for all commercial and residential devices. It equips customers with essential testing paperwork. The City of Pleasanton mandate a $60 administrative fee per device annually to sustain the program, emphasizing compliance with state laws. Failure to comply may lead to enforcement actions, potentially discontinuing water service. Customers pay this fee to their tester, who forwards it to Aqua Backflow, the City’s program administrator. This comprehensive program prioritizes water safety, enforcing backflow prevention through annual testing, paperwork provision, and an administrative fee structure.

Pleasanton Backflow Testing

Pleasanton backflow testing ensures the safety of our water supply. It involves checking plumbing systems for potential cross-connections, preventing contamination. Trained professionals conduct these tests regularly to comply with regulations and maintain water quality. By addressing any issues promptly, we safeguard our community’s health and well-being. Backflow testing is essential for maintaining clean and safe drinking water for everyone. It’s a vital aspect of our city’s infrastructure, ensuring that our water remains free from harmful contaminants.

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Pleasanton Backflow Testing Information.
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