Livermore Backflow Testing


Backflow Testing Livermore


Livermore Backflow Testing

Livermore Municipal Water

The City of Livermore is the water retailer in the northwest, northeast and east portions of the City.  It was established in 1963 as part of the Water Resources Division.  The central and southern parts of the City are served by, the California Water Service, or otherwise known as Cal Water.  The City produces and distributes recycled water to the western section of the City.  Click here, for a map of the Tri-Valley Water Retailer Service areas.  

Livermore Municipal Water provides water to approximately 1/3 of the City, which includes 28,782 residential and commercial customers.  Livermore receives treated water from Zone 7 Water Agency, then the water is delivered to five pump stations.  The pump stations move the water to four reservoirs.  These reservoirs provide billions of gallons of water for domestic, irrigation and fire protection use annually.

California is no longer in a drought, we are currently in the "normal supply" water stage.  Water customers are encouraged to continue conserving water on voluntary basis.  To get tips on how to continue conserving water, click here.