San Francisco Plumber Service

Install ONLY. Do you have an old faucet that you would like to replace? Have a pro stop by and switch it out without a hassle.

Starting at $145

Toilet Repair Services
Fill valve and flapper replacement service. Revive your old toilet by replacing the internal parts that wear out over time. 
Starting at $110
Toilet Shut Off Valve Replacement

Got a shut-off valve that’s leaking or stuck? No problem. We offer shut-off valve replacements for sinks and toilets.

Starting at $155 

Toilet Installation
Install ONLY. Did you buy a new toilet and need someone to install it? We’ll have a pro come over, and hook up your new toilet.
Starting at $175
Garbage Disposal Installation
Install ONLY. Did you buy a new garbage disposal and need it installed ? Have a pro come right over to install it.
Starting at $105
Video Camera Plumbing Inspection

Video drain camera plumbing inspections pinpoints the trouble spot and helps visually confirm the cause of the problem!

Starting at $175

Clogged Toilet Repair Services

Got a clogged toilet that you can’t figure out yourself? ACME Bay Area Backflow can help! (Must be reasonably accessible)

Starting at $95

Clogged Sink and Shower Repair Services

Got a clogged sink or shower? We can help there too! ACME Bay Area Backflow is to your rescue! (Must be reasonably accessible)

Starting at $95

Hourly Plumbing Services

Do you have a small to medium sized plumbing job, but want to get the most efficient price to complete it? Then, we offer hourly rates!

$115 an Hour

San Francisco Plumber Service

San Francisco Plumbers Company. Acme Bay Area Backflow Offers Service To San Francisco and the Peninsula, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality Plumbers repairs at a competitive price. Need help with your Plumbing project? San Francisco Plumber projects, tips and repairs for most Plumbing jobs around your home. Plumbing: Featured Products. Kitchen Faucets. Vanities. San Francisco