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Acme Bay Area Backflow is trained and licensed to test and provide documented backflow certification of all types of back-flow prevention devices.  We will manage all aspects of the testing for you. Your technician will complete the inspection paperwork and submit it directly to your appropriate water authority for you! In the event your unit fails the testing, your technician will outline your options to repair or replace the unit so that it complies with the local requirements.

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Why Get Backflow Testing?

Santa Cruz plumbing code requires the installation of backflow prevention devices in most commercial building, and some residential buildings whenever there is a chance that a “back flow” of water could be sucked into the clean water system. Also you can try our casinos online. The size and complexity of the installed backflow preventor will coincide with the specific back-flow risks that each situation presents.  Bottom line, backflow preventors are the key to protecting the clean water supply, most need to be tested annually.Santa 

Frequenty Asked Questions

In it’s simplest form a “backflow” occurs when clean (potable) water reverses direction causing a suction that pulls dirty water into the clean supply system. Needless to say the “dirty” water can contain any number of harmful chemicals, fertilizers and even human waste…yuck! Anytime there is a cross-connection between clean (potable) water and “dirty” (non-potable) water the chance of a back-flow exists.

Backflow preventer testing is the process in which your backflow preventor device is tested annually, ensuring that your water system does not have an unwanted backflow in it. It also ensures that the preventer is functioning properly and does not need to be replaced or repaired.

Backflow testing is required annually by most cities throughout California in Apartment, Condominium, Restaurants, Commercial, and other multi-family dwellings. This ensures that the drinking water for that occupancy is not just safe for human consumption, but also not cross-contaminated with water waters and other non-potable sources.

Cross-connections are actual and potential unprotected connections between a potable water system and any source or system containing unapproved water or a substance which is not safe.

Yes! Your can do that easily online here, or by calling us (415) 712-4782.

Most all cities in California require that you get backflow testing at least once or year.


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