Alameda County Backflow Testing

           Alameda County Backflow Testing Prevention Resources

  • Approved Testers List (PDF) – Check out a list of local Backflow contractors prevention device testers authorized and registered to work for ACWD customers.

  • Backflow Device Installation Drawings – View ACWD backflow prevention device standard installation drawings showing the required type and location of devices, including standard specification requirements.

  • Backflow Prevention Explained – Learn about ACWD’s program to prevent contamination of the water supply from backflow or cross connection of non-potable water sources.

  • Backflow Prevention Forms – Find required backflow prevention forms, including testing applications and testing reports.

  • Backflow Prevention Regulations – View regulations and ordinances that govern the ACWD backflow prevention program.

ACWA Testing & Repair

Backflow Prevention Testing

Explore our Approved Testers List (PDF) to find certified local plumbing contractors authorized for ACWD customer work. Access Backflow Device Installation Drawings to view standard installations specifying device type and location, along with standard specifications. Understand Backflow Prevention through ACWD’s program, preventing water supply contamination from backflow or cross-connection of non-potable water sources. Find necessary Backflow Prevention Forms, including testing applications and reports. Review Backflow Prevention Regulations for an overview of ACWD’s program governance. For more details, refer to ACWD Backflow Testing Information.
Febco 825Y Part# 905111- 3/4" - 1 1/4"" - Image description for a plumbing component with specific details.
Febco 825Y Parts Breakdown.
Alameda County Backflow testing
Febco LF850 Double Check Backflow Device.
Alameda backflow Testing & Repair
Wilkins 975 RP Backflow Preventer.